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Signature Cars Warranty Plan

Our Warranty plan has been designed to help meet the cost of repairing your car when a covered part unexpectedly stops working.

We have a warranty plan that is concise and easy to understand with no baffling small print. It is sectioned as follows:

We have designed this comprehensive and fair warranty but please be aware that there isn't a warranty available that will cover absolutely everything so please read this thoroughly so you understand completely where you stand following an unfortunate failure of one of thousands of working parts in your vehicle.

1) Summary of Cover

Start Date The date you take possession of your vehicle

Period of Cover 3 Months or 3000 miles from start date

Claim Limit £500 per claim, unlimited claims for the duration of the warranty up to sale price of the vehicle.

Mileage Up to 3000 miles from start date.

Excess No excess applicable

Labour Rate Labour will be covered by ourselves in our workshop

2) Claims Procedure

Contact us immediately if you believe a part has failed so we can arrange for you or your recovery organisation to return your vehicle to us.

Any repairs or diagnostics must be authorised by our selves before being undertaken by the customer. Failure to get authorisation will invalidate warranty claim.

Our warranty is on a back to base basis where we will diagnose the problem and repair/replace the faulty component if covered by our warranty.

Where the offending part isn't covered by our warranty we will endeavour to make the cost of repairs as painless as possible.

3) What is covered

Our plan is designed for failure or breakdown of the parts listed below. It is not designed to cover these parts against general wear and tear.

Engine All internal moving parts and also including the engine block, cylinder liners, cylinder head, crankshaft pulley, and inlet manifold (excluding burnt out valves)

Turbocharger and intercooler All moving parts (excluding oil seals)

Gearbox and Transmission (Manual or Auto) All internal mechanical and electrical parts of the gearbox, transfer box, torque converter, and overdrive (excluding SMG and DSG Hydraulic actuator and internal oil cooler or radiator)

Clutch Flywheel, flex plate, pressure plate, centre plate (excluding worn out face materials), ring gear, release bearing, master cylinder, slave cylinder, fork lever.

Drive Train Drive shafts, prop shafts, centre bearings, CV joints, (excluding rubber boots), universal joints and couplings.

Differential Crown wheel and pinion plus all other internal mechanical moving parts.

Steering Rack and pinion, steering box, power steering rack and pinion, power steering box, pressure pipes, idler box, hydraulic and electrical power steering pump.

Braking System Servo, master cylinder, vacuum pump, pressure restrictor valve, automatic brake adjuster.

Anti lock braking system Electronic control unit, pump, actuator, modulator and wheel sensors.

Fuel System (Petrol or Diesel) Lift pump, mechanical and electrical fuel pump, injection pump, injector, fuel level sender unit, throttle body, throttle potentiometer, idle speed control valve, cold start valve and regulator, fuel accumulator pressure regulator and engine mapping sensors, injector wiring loom.

Cooling system Radiator, engine oil cooler, heater matrix and heater fan motor, water pump, cooling fan motor, viscous cooling fan coupling, thermostatically controlled radiator fan motor.

Electrical system Starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, ignition coil, ignition distributor and DIS sensors, electronic ignition amplifier, indicator relay, front and rear windscreen wiper motors and washer motors, electric window and sunroof motors including switches, central locking mechanism (excluding locks, barrels, keys, and key fobs), cruise control unit, headlamp motors, Multi function indicator stalk switch.

Electronic Control Unit All electronic control units (ECU)

Gaskets Cylinder head gasket

Drive belts Camshaft timing belt

Wiring Looms All wiring looms included (excluding corroded or damaged wiring)

4) What is not covered

Any part not listed in section 3

The repair or replacement of any part not authorised by ourselves
All non-mechanical and non electrical parts
Parts which have not suffered a failure
Worn out parts
Any loan or hire car costs for the period the vehicle is being repaired
Any part that has not suffered a failure but which is simply recommended by a third party to be replaced as good engineering practice or in order to avoid any future potential failure

Bodywork and paintwork, doors, interior and exterior trim, carpets and upholstery, front and rear windscreens (Heated or otherwise), door and mirror glass, sunroof guides and cables, seat frames and runners, Convertible roofs, door handles, catches, hinges, locks and barrels, keys, key fobs, engine and suspension mountings, rubber bushes, tanks, hoses and pipes, batteries, fuses, bulbs, connectors, wiring, wheels, tyres, tyre valves and pressure sensors, brake pads and shoes, clutch plates and exhaust systems. Plus any items fitted after the sale such as roof and cycle racks, tow bars etc.

If the vehicle or any part has been altered or modified in any way and is not to manufacturers specification, then the warranty will be invalid.

Any part damaged due to misuse

Any parts which are corroded (such as catalytic converters), rusty or seized up, blocked up with carbon (exhaust gas recirculation valves). Parts which have failed due to flooding, water ingress, condensation, freezing, burning, melting or lack of correct coolant, lubricant, fuel or blockage due to swarf or sludge.

Any parts which are electrically overloaded due to incorrect use of welding, starting or charging equipment.

Any part which has suffered a failure due to incorrect servicing, oil or coolant leak, negligence, neglect, misuse, broken by a third party, criminal damage, theft or attempted theft, accident or any part failure not reported as soon as noticed.

If at any time during the period of your warranty, we use our discretion to repair an item on a goodwill basis which isn't covered by your warranty then this will not set any precedent and does not mean we will necessarily agree to any similar repairs.

Any liability for death, bodily harm or injury, damage to property, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses or any other loss caused directly or indirectly by any event giving rise to a repair request.

5) General Conditions

You should stop driving your vehicle immediately if you become aware that there is a dashboard warning showing a fault. You should also stop if there is any other indication such as an unusual vibration or noise, leaking water, oil or steam. If you aggravate any failure causing further damage, we may not be able to repair the vehicle under the terms of your warranty.

If you believe that any fault may become the subject of a repair under the plan (even if you are not sure) you should report it to us as soon as possible. Any failure to notify us about any suspected within 7 days will result in any subsequent claim being rejected.

No repair work will commence until we have verified that the part in question is under warranty and has not been subject to misuse or driven for any length of time. The Warranty is non-transferable should you decide to sell your car within the covered period.