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We have extensive experience in handling all types of cars, residential, conservatories & commercial building.

Our Tintworx team are highly experienced and fit the protective film in dedicated, dust free areas for a perfect finish. The edge to edge colour stable film comes in various shades to suit all vehicles.

Should a window get broken or vandalised in the future, we can replace the film and ensure it blends in perfectly with the original installation. We also carry special motor insurance to ensure your vehicle is fully protected whilst in our possession.

We are highly experienced at advising the most appropriate level of shade for each individual vehicle. A small sample will not represent how the protective film will look once installed on your vehicle. The colour of the interior, sunroofs, type of vehicle etc will alter the visual effect of the tints. You may need film for privacy, security or simply to enhance the look of your vehicle and all of these points need to be considered.

For further information on Tintworx, please visit our website.

Why get your vehicle tinted?

  • Gives that stylish, elegant and prestigious look Improves visual security and gives a high level of personal privacy
  • Reduces solar heat entering the vehicle by up to 63%
  • Protects children and pets from Heat and Glare from the sun in a vehicle
  • Reduces UV radiation by 99%
  • Increases safety by reducing the risk of flying glass in an accident
  • Increases security by strengthening the glass and deterring car crime
  • Protects the interior of your vehicle from fading
  • Removes annoying car headlight dazzle and glare
  • Enhances viewing of car video/TV screens/Satellite navigation systems
  • Maintains the market value of your car by protecting the interior plastic and leather